Fucking spent 12 hours playing dark souls 2 and I didnt realize it was Easter at 9:30 PM

Northlane - Set In Stone

Set In Stone - Northlane

Perhaps… Ill pull out the scumbag card.

I’ve wanted this for so long,

but it’s too late.

Please Understand

Please understand,

I will only bring you misery.

I’m leaving soon,

but it seems I’m already gone.

Please understand,

I’ve been in your shoes

and I do not want to watch you relive me.

Please understand,

I’m already dead,

and I won’t let you join me.

Please understand,

your restless nights

are wasted on me.

Please understand.

I cannot do this with you

or anybody else.

Please understand,

I must remain alone. 

Thy Art Is Murder - Infinite Forms
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Infinite Forms - Thy Art is Murder

The more I ponder it, the more I realize that this hole that I have bore into my life is immedicable.

And every time I ponder this it becomes larger, until it seems to be self-consuming.

Were you prom king?

Not quite, I was Band Formal King

Silly as that may sound.

I actually don’t think our school crowns a Prom King or Queen.

Nemertines - Eyes And Teeth
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Eyes And Teeth - Nemertines

Nemertines - The Birds Are Back
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The Birds Are Back - Nemertines

A lot happened tonight.

A lot happened tonight.

Is this some sort of coming of age?

Leaving behind all of my friends, my passions, my family…. will I stay the same or become a new person?

I have so tenative of a grasp on who I am now… and I was only just starting to become something greater than I once was.

But it seems like it all will disappear.

I am not scared of a new life, I am scared of losing my old life. I fear losing famiiarity. I fear I will become more reclusive than I already am.

But it is inevitable.

Even the people that I thought I knew or thought I cared for are becoming less close. I understand them less. They do not need my like I once needed them.

And what of love?

I suppose it’s been dead since last year.

Nemertines - Doll
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Doll - Nemertines